Signature Facilities Enjoy Resident “Stay-cation”

Signature HealthCARE kicked off its Stay-cation season with a visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville, TN.

A total of 58 residents and staff from Signature HealthCARE of Cleveland, Signature HealthCARE of Columbia, Signature HealthCARE of Madison, and Donelson Place Care and Rehab came together to tour the museum.

They took a stroll down memory lane and learned fun facts about some of the great Country Music Stars (new and old), checked out the wonderful exhibits, and even took a turn in the recording booth!

Many of the residents reminisced about seeing the stars on stage, meeting some of the greats in person, and their own personal stories of being in music groups.

The day didn’t end after the Hall of Fame. The crew headed over Monell’s at the Manor for lunch and more of that wonderful southern hospitality. Monell’s is a plantation style home that was turned into a restaurant that serves their meals family style.

Everyone had their fair share of food and then some! The residents had a great time, and it was wonderful to see everyone come together!