Ready or Not!

As a child I have fond memories of playing hide and seek with my friends and family. I remember after counting to 20 or whatever number was decided upon we would yell out “Ready or Not, Here I Come!”

We may or may not be ready for a new year but ready or not here is comes! It is our prayer at Signature Healthcare of Cleveland that you experience the greatest joys you have ever known this coming year. Even when we face the difficult days we are reminded that God is ever with us and there to help us.

If you or a loved one find yourself in need of Skilled Rehab Services this year we would love the opportunity to assist you here at Signature HealthCare. We look to care for the whole person; Body, Mind and Spirit and work hard to make sure the needs of these are met with each resident.

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Leaves of Fall

Each year around October or November the weather begins to cool and the leaves began a process of changing to the beautiful fall colors we have come to love. The bright green colors of spring and summer are fading and now the leaves become more fragile and are transitioning to the next phase of their lives.

We are taught that our world we enjoy was fashioned by a master creator. As we age, the bright colors of youth will begin to transition to the beautiful autumn tones of time. At Signature HealthCARE we believe that it is our responsibility from God to meet the spiritual needs of a person just as much as their physical and emotional needs.

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5-Stars Overall from CMS

cms 5 star

Signature HealthCARE of Cleveland recently earned 5-stars overall from the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS). We will continue to work hard to improve quality and provide the high standard of care our patients deserve. It is our vision to lead the industry with a commitment to compassion and quality health care.

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Nashville Senior Olympics

Nashville held our first ever Signature HealthCARE Senior Olympics at Nashville Community Care and Rehabilitation Center at Bordeaux. Bordeaux hosted four other Signature facilities which included Signature HealthCARE of Bowling Green, Cleveland, Columbia, and Madison.

Each building brought six residents to enjoy a little friendly competition in events like the ADL Challenge, Wii Bowling, Cornhole, Shot Put, Trivia, and Wheelchair races. The residents enjoyed a motivational speech from Judge Rachel Bell, who is the Nashville General Sessions judge.

Judge Bell is a huge advocate for the Bordeaux community, and he was excited to speak at our event. The residents were also motivated by cheers and a dance performance by cheerleaders from Pearl Cohn Magnet High School. Our first “Signature’s Got Talent” Winner, April Ashley, belted out the National Anthem to kick-off the games.

The top three teams were awarded trophies with the hometown favorite, Bordeaux, taking gold, Bowling Green taking silver, and Madison taking home bronze. The “Most Spirited” award went to SHC of Columbia, the “Most Creative Banner” went to SHC of Cleveland, and the “Sportsmanship Award” went to SHC of Bowling Green. But one resident said, “Everyone really won today!”

The teams shared many memories and laughs while dancing to the Nae Nae, the Wobble and performing a little karaoke. Many new friendships were made while old friends were able to reunite. This was truly a day of togetherness, friendship and family with a little friendly competition mixed in. Thanks for making the trek through Nashville traffic to join such a momentous occasion.

Special Thanks goes to AMR, Chandler Watson, The Ambassadors Golf Club of Columbia, and Avalon Hospice for donating snacks and food for the event. Thank you Judge Rachel Bell, Pearl Cohn High School Cheerleaders, Kernel Dave-our DJ extroardinaire, Melissa Spencer, Chaplain Bill Smith from SHC of Madison for our opening prayer, Chaplain Dwayne Lowe from SHC of Bowling Green for our closing prayer, Donna Reed for being our photographer, and our regional and facility volunteers.

Ashley Graham, Regional Quality of Life Director

SHC of Cleveland hosts local ‘wrestle mania’ for National Nursing Home Week

For sports day, as part of National Nursing Home Week, SHC of Cleveland had the AWF/WOW wrestlers from Ringgold, Ga., pay a visit to the residents. The residents watched as Lex Lee, Nature Boy and others wrestled until they were all defeated and one remained the champion!

Administrator Tiffany Sawyer even took on and defeated Marketing Director Haley Thurmond in a blowout match of arm wrestling!

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